List of Research Facilities

If you are considering to apply to visit us and do some research work (either as a graduate student or as a Post-Doctoral fellow in (Quantum) Cosmological Implications of Superstring Theory, there are several resources made recently available:

You can also use UBI's main library, the Physics Department computer room, the photocopy room and try to get hold of the advantageous accomodation for visitors at the UBI-flats.

Potential short term visitors, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows as well as senior researchers may apply to obtain finantial funding (covering travel and living expenses) from several institutions

Although not constituting a restricitive or limited summary, I proposed several (varied in both time duration and difficulty ranges) research topics for potential graduate students and post-doctoral researchers as well as collaborative visitors.

And also by returning to my homepage you can retrieve more useful information on our seminar series on "Cosmological Scenarions within String-M-theory".

I do hope the above list and links can enthuse and bring you to our research programmes. If you are interested, do use one of the possible ways to contact me as indicated in my homepage!