List of Research Projects

So, here it is a list of subjects, with different levels of work periods and difficulty, that can be shared between us for research in (Quantum) Cosmological Implications of Superstring Theory. Some may even be extended, in order to cross to another sector, depending on how much progress has been achieved.


These are suitable for final year projects of a (scientific) physics degree. Students of a teaching degree (like the one at UBI) may find these a little over their edge. But somehow, sometime you will have to start awakening and get THE real taste of life.

The aim is to write a report and/or a review paper on the chosen topic. If new results can be included, that would be great!! The earlier you start the better. It may take you 1 year so consider to start soon, depending on your academic background and professional aims. In particular, if you are in the Teaching of Physics-Chemistry degree at UBI: it may take you 2 years to produce a reasonable report. If you apply to late ... it may NOT be possible to admit you. Here is the list:

M.Sc. Theses

The aim here is different from the above. You have to write a thesis and produce 1 or 2 papers that should have NEW (!) results and hence be suitable for publication. And you should be aiming at a graduate level, with one or two years work (if necessary) in the subject:

Ph.D. Theses/Post-Doctoral Projects

Within this sector, work is expected to go for mainly 2 (or 3 years if you are a graduate student). And yes, to produce 4 to 5 papers with original, new publishable results. As expected, together with a thesis if you are a graduate student:

Finally, you can find in the General Relativity and Cosmology page plenty of on-line resources and links to reviews on GR, Cosmology, Dark Matter and Energy, CMB and perturbations as well as Inflation. In the following, you will find

A set of papers in Field Theory/Particle Physics:

upersymmetry references can be found here:

For the bold researcher, here is a list of references in Superstring and M-theory:

While here the latest (maybe getting into the usual trend by now...) feature of Brane-models and (large!?) Extra Dimensions can be explored:

An incomplete list of mathematical items for the new theories above can be found below:

Below, you will find a selection of both interesting and relevant references in quantum gravity and (supersymmetric/superstring) quantum cosmology:

... and, so, if you are interested, available and eager to dedicate (a great!) deal of your time to any of the above suggestive ideas, do use one of the possible ways to contact me as indicated in my homepage!