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This course has been made no longer available from 2003 onwards. Personally, I do understand the reasons for such decision but I also regret that students will not have this learning opportunity. "Astronomy and Geophysics" will replace it (with a reduced content and detail regarding some astrophysical subjects).

This undergratuate course was included in the syllabus for students in their 4th and final year, aiming at a degree in Teaching of Physics and Chemistry (eventually becoming High or Secondary School teachers). I was the lecturer from its start (1998) until its removal on 2002.

I have focused my teaching on (a) providing students with a fair description of different astrophysical aspects (ranging from basic Celestial Mechanics, Observational Astronomy, Stellar Astrophysics, Dynamics of Galaxies and a bit of Cosmology), together with (b) exploring with simple but rigourous calculations how one can actually explain how "things are" in the sky. I do not agree with some amateurish attitudes that astrophysical concepts are only to be merely "shown" to students by means of pretty pictures and a lot of "wow!". I tried to also "put physics" in it. Otherwise, students will neither understand the "why" and "how" of astrophsyics.

Program, Evaluation Methods and Bibliography

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Lecture Notes

No lecture notes are currently available - yet. A monograph was(!) currently being prepared. However, I hope to post here at some time in the future.

Tutorials Schedulle

Students would have consult me [Horario de Atendimento - 2002/03] on Thursday - 5a Feira between 11.00 - 12.00 am, either in my office or LAG. But not anymore...

Exams, Tests,Problem Sets and Marks (classifications)

Students may peruse previous example/exercice sheets and tests/exams (some may be missing - I will try to update this section):

Students may also find the several problem sets and laboratory assignments posted here.

Astrophysics students may also use this site to download the following Tutorials:

This is the current academic year (2001/2002) Marks/Classifications (Excel format)

Other Resources Available

The following links may provide additional material and resources elsewhere that you may find useful for your study:

Students Feedback on the Course

Finally, I have asked the students to fill in THIS questionaire (Inquerito1) Query1 at the start of the semester and THIS questionaire (Inquerito2) Query2 at the end. I stress that these are THE questionaires that interest me the most. I am further grateful in advance for any constructive criticism that may have assisted me and the teaching of Astrophysics to be both more effective in the (very!) near future.

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