Modern Physics - Fisica Moderna


This is an undergraduate course, initially focused at providing a basic (i.e., introductory) background knowledge of (i) Special Relativity Theory, (ii) Quantum Mechanics and (iii) Nuclear Physics. I have been lecturing it since 1998. The course has been adapted for three groups of students: those aiming at a degree in Teaching of Physics-Chemistry (eventually becoming High or Secondary School teachers), Applied Physics - Optometry (usually to find a job as assistant opticians) or Industrial Chemistry (finding a job as chemical specialist in industry). They all are in their 2nd year at UBI. Recently, this course has been removed from the syllabus of the degree in Teaching of Physics-Chemistry. Some topics (like Special Relativity Theory) have therefore been reduced, allowing to bring more applications and laboratory examples in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics to the lectures.

Program, Evaluation Methods and Bibliography

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Lecture Notes

Here you can find my Lecture Notes on Special Relativity (in Portuguese!) They constitute part of a book project entitled "SPECIAL RELATIVITY THEORY in 20 LECTURES". They are typed in Word97 format and you may need to upgrade your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser to either open or save them in your PC/terminal (I will try to convert them in PDF format as soon as possible):

In addition, I have also provided here the DOC (or PDF files, when I find a way to convert from doc to pdf format) of the slides/overhead transparencies employed in the lectures. These correspond to Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics part of the course:

... while the following concern the Special Relativity part

Tutorials Schedulle

Students may consult me [Horario de Atendimento - 2002/03] on Thursday - 5a Feira between 8.30 - 10.00 am, either in my office or LAG.

Exams, Tests,Problem Sets and Marks (classifications)

Students may peruse previous example/exercice sheets and tests/exams (some may be missing - I will try to update this section):

Students may also find the several problem sets and laboratory assignments posted here.

This is the current academic year (2002/2003) Marks/Classifications (ExCel format)

Other Resources Available

The following links may provide additional material and resources elsewhere that you may find useful for your study:

Students Feedback on the Course

Finally, I ask the students to fill in THIS questionaire (Inquerito1) Query1 at the start of the semester and THIS questionaire (Inquerito2) Query2 at the end. I stress that these are THE questionaires that interest me the most. I am further grateful in advance for any constructive criticism that may assist me and the teaching of Modern Physics to be both more effective in the (very!) near future.

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