Foundation of Physics - Fundamentos da Fisica


This course was set up and taught by myself in the first semester of 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 to 2nd year students in a Teaching of Computer Science degree (eventually they become teachers of the subject in High and Secondary Schools). It provides a basic background on Kinematics and Dynamics, followed by a simple survey on Thermodynamics. Finally, it concludes with an enthusiastic description of how and why Electricity and Magnetism is important to computers in general.

These students came to me (pity on them, oh Lord!) with their last contact with physics at year 9 in their national educational scheme (12 years before attending university). Hence, both their background and motivation was not very strong (to say the least). But I used a similar approach as in General Physics 1. Although I do not expect them at the end of semester to change for a physics degree, I put all my efforts in order for them to get a (nice!) taste of physics and understand most (if not all!) of it.

In order to also alert these students to undesirable learning attitudes, I please ask them to have a look at the 2000-2001 data regarding sucess or faillure in General Physics I (Fisica Geral I). And give it a thought or two...

Program, Evaluation Methods and Bibliography

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Lecture Notes

No lecture notes are currently available. But you can browse through the scanned images of several lectures overheads/slides in General Physics: the course content is similar. I hope to have time to update the information below. The lecture notes for General Physics I (Fisica Geral I) are in W97.doc (after scanning) format. Please browse through the scanned images of several lectures overheads/slides:

Tutorials Schedulle

  • Here is the Tutorials (Atendimento) schedulle for Foundations of Physics (it is now outdated...).

  • This a the monthly-weekly-daily schedulle used in General Physics 1 (tentative!) as well as Foundations of Physics, with indication of overheads-slides for the 1st semester: October & November & December & January It is aimed at assisting you in improving your class atendance, work and study.

    Exams, Tests,Problem Sets and Marks (classifications)

    Students may peruse previous example/exercice sheets and tests/exams (some may be missing - I will try to update this section):

    Students may also useful the several problem sets and laboratory assignments posted here.

    This is the current academic year (2000-2001) Marks/Classifications

    Other Resources Available

    The following links may provide additional material and resources elsewhere that you may find useful for your study:

    Students Feedback on the Course

    Finally, I ask the students to fill in THIS questionaire (Inquerito1) Query1 at the start of the semester and THIS questionaire (Inquerito2) Query2 at the end. I stress that these are THE questionaires that interest me the most. I am further grateful in advance for any constructive criticism that may assist me and the teaching of Foundation of Physics to be both more effective in the (very!) near future.

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